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zkLink Launches Native Token $ZKL to Power Zero-Knowledge Ecosystem

zkLink, a zero-knowledge blockchain solutions provider, has today announced that its new token, $ZKL, will be available for purchase starting this month. The token has already undergone a Community Token Sale on Coinlist, and will be available to users from Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 18:00 UTC, following the Coinlist Community Token Sale. In addition, there will be a limit of 1 billion of these non-inflationary ERC20 tokens issued on the Ethereum Mainnet.

$ZKL is a fountain moment for developers, as it will enable them to pay for computational resources needed for ZK proofs, influence the protocol’s development through the zkLink DAO, and get simpler access to the zkLink rollup infrastructure service, which includes the zero-knowledge (ZK) proof marketplaces.

The impending release of the $ZKL token marks a major step towards zkLink’s mission of solving the liquidity fragmentation problems in the L2 ecosystem. Furthermore, the token will serve as both a utility and a governance token for the zkLink protocol.

To lessen liquidity fragmentation and provide security and scalability through zk-Proofs, ZkLink is built to bridge the gap among various zk-Rollup Layer-2 ecosystems. When using ZK proof creation services, the default payment token will be $ZKL. Users can also stake veZKL to earn DAO voting rights.

Nexus, the leading zero-knowledge Layer-3 blockchain solution from zkLink, is built to connect various zk-Rollup Layer-2 ecosystems, bringing security and scalability through zk-Proofs and reducing liquidity fragmentation.

For the Ethereum ecosystem, zkLink Nexus provides a unified trading layer that is both highly customisable and production-ready. It offers hyper-scalability and native interoperability across numerous ZK-Rollups. zkLink Nexus has verifier contracts set up to validate the states and transactions posted by the linked L2s, which are proofs of zero-knowledge.