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ZK-RaaS Network Opside Launches Testnet

Opside, a decentralised Zero Knowledge- Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) network with Zero Knowledge Proof mining, has today launched its Incentivized Pre-alpha Testnet. The testnet went up on May 24 at 00:00 UTC and is scheduled to stay up for another three months. Opside’s focus on building an ecosystem that welcomes participation from PoS validators, PoW miners, developers, and end users is on full display in this testnet, which represents a major milestone for the company.

Opside hopes to put several features through their paces in this group context, including:

  • The integration and efficiency of hybrid PoS and PoW consensus procedures.
  • Implementation of the ETH2.0 consensus model and its effective application.
  • The operational performance and flexibility of the zk-rollup execution environment.
  • The deployment of multiple strategies to ensure the safety and efficiency of asset transfers between layers and ZKrollups.
  • Its implementation of the proposed tokenomics paradigm in real-world scenarios.

A Global Community of Users, Validators and Developers

Through its partnership with Galxe, Opside is providing users with an engaging and fulfilling experience in which they are free to pursue a wide range of activities in exchange for rewards. Opside plans to work with a wide variety of industry partners on ancillary events in recognition of the long-term support it has received from the community.

The ability to easily install and migrate Solidity-based decentralised apps to Opside’s EVM-compatible network is a major advantage of the platform. Opside eventually hopes to compile all data related to each ZKRollup in its ecosystem, rank them, and make that information publicly available.  In addition, Opside’s most popular projects will receive a hefty amount of reward points for their efforts.

In the first stage of its pre-alpha testnet, Opside is implementing CPU Mining for PoW Miners, with intentions to incorporate GPU Mining in later stages. However, validators are rewarded reliably and equitably by Opside’s tokenomics for processing transactions and assuring their accuracy and network integrity.

The Opside PoS launchpad also makes it easier for prospective validators to get set up, which increases the likelihood that they’ll actually do so and contribute to the network.

Opside says it will facilitate the distribution of testnet tokens to a variety of ecosystem participants using a Discord-based faucet. However, Testnet IDE tokens are not redeemable for real money and users should only use them during the test phase.