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Wicrypt Joins peaq Network For DePIN-Based Internet Provision In Africa

Wicrypt Network, a Nigerian startup building an ecosystem of decentralised mobile internet sharing and monitisation ecosystem using Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs), has joined the peaq network. 

Making Internet accessible to all using DePINs

Wicrypt is a decentralised system for monetizing and sharing WiFi hotspots, enabling users to earn money by sharing their network with others. The firm pioneered the development of a decentralised, peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure in Africa to sharing of mobile Internet among users without third parties.

The Nigerian startup is employing DePIN technology making decentralised WiFi hotspots available to the masses. Ultimately, the aim is to make Internet accessible to the billions missing out around the world. And, it does not end at access only- the hotspots allow individuals and businesses to earn tokens based on their Internet usage statistics, creating an extra income stream.

Wicrypt has connected multiple hotspots to krest, peaq’s sister chain for testing dApps and DePINs, as part of its integration with peaq. The hotspots can now use their unique peaq IDs to enable them to communicate with one another via a common network. Krest enables the connected devices to record their transactions. This is essential for the continued development of the network and enables the earning of rewards in the form of network fee distribution.

In addition, a new version of Wicrypt’s operating system for the gadgets, which is now compatible with peaq, has been launched. In order to join the network, new users might choose to buy a device that has already been set up to work with krest. Existing device users will have the option of upgrading to this OS in a manual fashion.

Wicrypt’s DePIN currently spans over 30 countries, has over 45,000 active users, and utilises over 895 terabytes of data across a total of more than 1,100 hotspots. Wicrypt has released documentation and educational videos guiding users on connecting devices to peaq as part of an open-source integration to aid in peaq’s development.