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Voyager Token Price Prediction: What Next After 300 Percent Price Surge?

The Voyager token price is on a three-day strong bull run that has resulted in prices surging by 321 per cent. In today’s trading session, the strong bullish move looks poised to continue, with prices already up by 6 per cent. 

Voyager Token Past Three Days Price Action

On June 12, Voyager token price surged by 120 per cent. The trading session would mark the beginning of a strong bullish trend that has continued to persist for two days. The 120 per cent surge was followed by yesterday’s trading session, which started off with a strong push to the upside, which at some point saw prices rise by 203 per cent.

However, in the late hours of yesterday’s trading session, the prices started to come down. By the end of the trading session, the prices had dropped by 41 per cent, and markets closed up 75 per cent. 

In today’s trading session, the strong bearish trend started strongly, with prices going up by 24 per cent. However, intraday trading has seen the prices come down, and, at press time, the prices are only up by 6 per cent. 

Voyager Token Price Prediction

Following the strong bullish trend in the past few trading sessions, my Voyager Token price prediction expects prices to continue going up. Looking at today’s price action, whereby the prices had risen by 24 per cent in the early hours, before coming down to 6 per cent, 

I expect the prices to continue dropping throughout the session, and there is a high likelihood that we may see the prices drop below the opening price. Based on the intraday data, today’s trading session will be a continuation of yesterday’s late session drop. Therefore, I expect the prices to drop to yesterday’s price low of $0.30. However, my analysis will be invalidated if the prices hit today’s high of $0.73 again.

Voyager Token Daily Chart

Voyager token price prediction