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TiTi Protocol Launches On Ethereum Mainnet, Announces $TiTi Distribution

TiTi Protocol, a fully collateralised, decentralised, use-to-earn, crypto-native stablecoin protocol, has announced that it will launch the Ethereum mainnet on May 16th. Also, the protocol has introduced a new decentralised stablecoin called TiUSD. TiTi is the governance token for the TiTi system, while TiUSD is the stablecoin generated by the TiTi protocol.

TiTi tokenomics and rewards scheme

To guarantee on-chain governance and to store the future growth value of the protocol, the TiTi Token is employed as the governance token. According to the project’s tokenomics 50% of $TiTi will be awarded to community users via long-term Epoch cycles and other means. These will serve as incentives for community members. Epoch 1 TiTi incentives will be dispersed between May 16 and June 13, with a total of 2,000,000 $TiTi being awarded.

In April of 2022, TiTi Protocol revealed that it had secured US$3.5 million in funding, with The Spartan Group serving as the project’s lead investor. In addition, Slowmist, Hacken, and Peckshield have conducted a three-round smart contract Audit of the Protocol.

Using a crypto-native stablecoin and a decentralised monetary policy, TiTi plans to offer a range of financial services that are both diversified and decentralised. Yield Farming Rewards Epochs will occur every 28 days from the launch of the TiTi mainnet.

Users of the protocol will be incentivized at the end of each Epoch through a variety of methods, and $TiTi token distribution is just one of the incentives. Each mining technique has a unique payout percentage. Users must select a method that yields a greater APY in order to maximise their investment.

TiTi MMF and Liquidity Pool prizes are available for withdrawal at any time. If you don’t cash in on your Use-to-Earn incentives every 7 days, you can carry them over to the following cycle. Every week, your “TiTi-Staking Pool” will be updated with the previous week’s worth of TiTi Staking prizes.