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Supra.com & Killer Whales Launch Super dApp Showdown Contest With $100M Ecosystem Fund

Supra, a fully vertically integrated Layer-1 blockchain, equipped with Multi-VM support, in-protocol oracles, VRF, bridges, and automation features, is excited to announce the launch of its competition, the “Super dApp Showdown.” 

Season One of this competition is scheduled to begin in August 2024, with a panel of judges that includes representatives from Supra, Google Cloud, Republic Crypto, Hashkey Capital, and the hit crypto-focused reality TV show Killer Whales, all set to vote on the best projects. 

The platform is calling on the most skilled blockchain developers in the industry to build and deploy what Supra calls “Super dApps” on its robust Layer-1 network. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for investments from Supra’s newly established $100 million Ecosystem Fund. 

For developers, the Super dApp Showdown presents a fantastic opportunity to hit the ground running, bringing their Super dApps to a highly-engaged audience of more than 500k verified unique token holders attained on their gamified community platform “Project Blast Off”, as well as a broader community of 1.3 million email subscribers. Every week, a winning team’s Super dApp will be featured on the Blast Off platform with missions and quests to help users learn about their project, with the builders able to choose the nature of the rewards on offer; such as prizes, airdrops, in-game assets, NFTs etc. Users can look forward to new rewards each week for engaging with dApps such as giveaways, digital collectibles and partner airdrops.

Season One of the Super dApp Showdown kicks off in August and will run for three months, after which 12 winners will be selected by a panel of judges across DeFi, GameFi, Web3 Social and other categories. The judges will include representatives from Supra’s leadership team, plus well-known “whales” from the hit reality TV show Killer Whales, produced by HELLO Labs, which is similar to the popular Shark Tank TV series, but with a focus on Web3 startups. 

Other judges sitting on the Super dApp Showdown panel will include experts from key ecosystem partners such as Google Cloud, Republic Crypto, HashKey Capital, and more. The judging process will also take into consideration feedback from Supra’s community, which will be invited to vote on their favorite Super dApps. Builders looking to take part in the competition can enter on Supra’s Super dApp Showdown application page.

Joshua Tobkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Supra, said in a quote: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Killer Whales as our media partner for the Super dApp Showdown and beyond. At Supra, we understand that attracting the right builders and founders requires a combination of capital and exposure. Along with access to Supra’s $100 million Ecosystem Fund and 500k verified token holders, projects will also have the chance to get featured on Killer Whales, benefiting from their exceptional team, high-quality production, and significant visibility.”

Sander Gortjes, Co-Founder of HELLO Labs and Executive Producer of Killer Whales, went on to say “We are excited to work together with Supra on the growth of their ecosystem and provide a podium for the projects that emerge as winners of the Super dApp Showdown with Killer Whales and our streaming partners, potentially giving them a televised reach of 600 million people globally”. 

The Power of Supra’s L1

The Super dApp Showdown is an opportunity for developers to explore the capabilities of Supra’s powerful and innovative Layer-1 network, which vertically integrates core blockchain and oracle services including its industry-leading price feeds, verifiable randomness generators, automation, and bridges into a single, high-performance stack. Their L1 also offers Multi-VM support, so developers from MoveVM and EVM chains can deploy dApps directly on Supra and enter them into the competition, with support for SolanaVM and CosmWasm also on the roadmap. 

Designed to reduce friction around user onboarding and experience in Web3, the Supra L1 is powered by the groundbreaking Moonshot consensus mechanism, which brings blazing-fast performance and robust security guarantees to its data feeds. In its advanced global testing phase, Supra demonstrated Moonshot’s ability to process a throughput of 530k transactions per second across 125 nodes distributed globally, with 500-millisecond optimistic finality and ~1.5–2 secs full finality, placing it head-and-shoulders above most other competing consensus mechanisms. 

The Supra blockchain is vertically integrated with their Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA protocol), a cutting-edge oracle that provides real-time data accessibility to enable the development of faster and more functional dApps spanning DeFi, GameFi and other blockchain use cases. It also incorporates Supra’s novel decentralized verifiable randomness generator, Supra dVRF, to ensure full transparency and unpredictability into random outcomes in games, prize draws and more. 

Building on Supra will give developers the opportunity to see the performance benefits of its fully vertically integrated L1 for themselves, with the winning projects receiving investments out of the $100M Ecosystem Fund. Other benefits include the chance for winning teams to appear on Killer Whales and pitch their ideas to some of the crypto industry’s top investors, plus consultations with Supra’s team, free access to Supra’s core services, zero-fee access to a token launch platform, cross-promotion and marketing via Supra’s social channels, along with the chance to network with an extensive ecosystem of VCs and partners.

Supra plans to host the Super dApp Showdown on an ongoing basis, with new seasons launching every three months; so teams that aren’t quite ready for Season One won’t have long to wait for another chance to engage with one of the fastest-growing communities in Web3. Web3 enthusiasts can stay up to date with the competition and apply to showcase their Super dApps on Supra’s application page.

About Supra

Supra is an all-new blockchain that vertically integrates oracles, bridges, automation and randomness into a powerful Layer-1 with Multi-VM compatibility. It’s designed to give developers all the tools they need to build on one chain, enabling a new breed of Super dApps.

Supra is also a leading provider of oracle price feeds and verifiable randomness across 80+ blockchains with Layer-1 security guarantees. They focus on solving real problems for dApp developers and scaling Web3, supported by a developer toolkit with extensive guides and technical whitepapers.

About Killer Whales

Killer Whales is a groundbreaking television series that spotlights the most exciting and innovative projects within the Web3 industry. Backed by HELLO Labs and CoinMarketCap, the show provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their creations to a worldwide audience of over 600 million potential viewers via their premium streaming partners.

About HELLO Labs:HELLO Labs is a leading Web3 entertainment company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment. Through innovative partnerships and groundbreaking projects, HELLO Labs aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry.