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Sunrise Gaming By DAO Drops Alpha Version of On-chain Casino

Sunrise Gaming by DAO has announced that the alpha version of its platform is now available to the general public. Sunrise Gaming proposed the idea of comprehensive on-chain casino games and concluded a successful presale in August of 2021. Upon securing the necessary funding, the project immediately began working on the games’ development. Following this, they conducted extensive stress tests, bug checks, and UI enhancements to guarantee a positive experience for all users.

Sunrise Gaming milestones and the road to full DAO status

The Alpha version of Sunrise Gaming’s games load faster and, more importantly, are safer for players to use. Also, the company hopes to increase the gaming speeds in the beta version, among other tweaks. This will happen in the near future, according to Sunrise Gaming by DAO.

Sunrise Gaming by DAO has also created a number of innovative answers to long-standing problems in the online gaming industry. These encompass answers for Game Mechanics, True RNG (Random Number Generation), Game Log Transparency, and Cashouts and Deposits. The first step towards these solutions is transparency. On the blockchain, all revenues and results, including a user’s income and expenditures, will be recorded and made public.

The second solution is the removal of all barriers to entry so that anyone can purchase a stake in the company. To put it simply, Sunrise Gaming by DAO is a decentralized online gaming platform. Those who hold SUNCs, NFTs, and players will receive 100% of the proceeds. The third solution is making voting a more integral part of the decision-making process. The holders of SUNC tokens, the project’s governance token, will have a say in major decisions by voting with their tokens.

The voting system is still in development as the project moves toward being a DAO. However, the project is working to upgrade their voting mechanism and produce a full DAO in the near future.