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Pantos Enables Deployment of Tokens on Multiple Blockchains

Pantos, a Multichain Token System, has just released its Multichain Token Creator to the public. The platform enables projects to operate across multiple blockchains. At the forthcoming EDCON conference, which will take place from May 19-23 in Montenegro, Pantos will reveal the Token Creator to the general public for the first time during Super Demo.

Developers, users, and their assets are no longer restricted to a single blockchain thanks to the Multichain Token Creator. This is good news as it allows them to expand their influence with little added work, benefiting both the community and the projects directly.

The Pantos Mission and Implications of Multichain Token System

Bitpanda launched Pantos in 2018 as an internal research project to simplify the process of creating and deploying native multichain tokens for both developers and end users. Its ultimate goal is to serve as a facilitator for cutting-edge Web3 programmes. Pantos presently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Cronos, Celo, and Fantom on testnet. Furthermore, it intends to integrate additional EVM and non-EVM chains continuously.

The Multichain Token Creator is a user-friendly online app that supports the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS) that allows users to build and deploy their own multichain tokens. In addition, developers can tailor their base token and obtain the contract code to add in their own specific features.

The Token Creator drastically simplifies the process of creating multichain assets for developers, allowing them to issue tokens in a matter of minutes. As a result of the simplified token generation process, users will be able to access more native multichain assets, resulting in a more streamlined multichain experience.

Developers and projects may now adopt the groundbreaking multichain token standard. This will likely drive an unprecedented level of cross-chain collaboration with minimal effort. The implications for decentralised technology’s future are enormous.

Pantos will also unveil its new digital asset standard, PANDAS, during this year’s EDCON Conference. Startups and other projects that aim to advance Ethereum technology and its ecosystem use the EDCON Super Demo as a key launchpad. On May 19 (the first day of the conference), the Super Demo will begin, and it will last until May 22. Notably, at the Austrian Blockchain Award Gala earlier this month, Pantos took up the prize for “Best Business Model.”