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OKX Announces Partnerships with HashFlow and Greeks.live

OKX Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency trading site, has announced three key partnerships with HashFlow, Greeks.live, and Gearbox (GEAR). One of the most significant developments is the OKX Wallet’s integration with the HashFlow DEX. According to a company release, the move will result in greater DeFi efficiency. Thanks to the new integration, OKX Wallet users will be able to access HashFlow from their mobile wallet, and HashFlow users will be able to trade tokens on OKX DEX.

What the new partnerships bring to OKX users

Using a wallet connected to Hashflow, users may instantly trade any asset on any blockchain. No fees are charged to make a purchase or sale, and all prices are settled at the quoted rate. OKX Wallet users can now connect directly to HashFlow to trade tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Optimism.

Meanwhile, OKX has teamed with one of the world’s most popular options trading service, Greeks.live, to provide traders with a wide variety of options trading resources.

Greeks.live is partnering with OKX to add four essential trading tools. First, it allows for delta hedging with a single mouse click. In a second development, Position visualisation charts are now available to investors. T-charts, which are tables of quotations, are the third type of tool. Last but not least, there will be trading guides tailored for beginners available to users. OKX says that by using these features, traders will have a more positive trading experience and self-confidence.

Furthermore, OKX has added Gearbox (GEAR) to its spot trading platforms, with the GEAR/USDT and GEAR/USDC trading pairs going live. As a protocol for generalized leverage, Gearbox is extremely useful. Farmers, businesses, and other protocols that actively borrow such assets are included, as are passive liquidity providers who earn by supplying single-asset liquidity. Using the Gearbox Protocol, anyone can extract DeFi-native leverage and put it to use in other protocols, both within and outside of DeFi.