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Mugen Interactive Releases Debut Game Title on Sui Blockchain

Fledgling blockchain gaming firm Mugen Interactive has teamed up with Mysten Labs to release their debut title, Legend of Arcadia (LOA), on the Sui blockchain. LOA is a community-driven and -created strategy and action game that has been active on Sui, launching the first GameFi prediction protocol and issuing hero NFT mystery boxes.

Legend of Arcadia and its approach to GameFi

Legend of Arcadia (LOA) is a free-to-play and play-to-earn casual strategic card game that takes a multi-chain approach to GameFi. Over 6,000 players from more than 40 guilds have signed up for the game, and 50 communities have signed up for the first three Alpha Test and Guild Tournament sessions. The studio says that their collaboration with Mysten Labs, and the release of LOA as their debut game, heralds the arrival of GameFi 2.0 and the advent of the content-first, social-first Web3 gaming model.

Mugen Interactive has decided to team up with Sui Blockchain because it believes that the blockchain’s blockchain technology, scalable infrastructure, and gaming and NFT features are in line with its goal of revolutionising the existing blockchain gaming industry through the implementation of GameFi 2.0’s focus on content and social elements.

Mugen Interactive attributes LOA’s success in large part to its strategic architecture, which places a premium on user interaction and community-driven growth, scalability of the network, and value creation for Sui’s gaming community. In the Web3 gaming industry, LOA is supporting and strengthening community-driven guilds to improve players’ gaming experiences while many existing guilds aspire to transition into game publishers.

There are a total of six game modes in Legend of Arcadia, three of which are PvP and three of which are PvE. Mugen Interactive is positive that its players will be engrossed by the game’s compelling plot, rewarding economics, and complex system for enhancing heroes’ abilities through NFTs.