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Ambrosus Transitions to Community-Led AirDAO

Ambrosus, now known as AirDAO, has declared its move towards full decentralisation and community governance.  With this groundbreaking change, the AirDAO blockchain is no longer under the sole management or control of any one developer or development company. AirDAO is now a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) fully under community control. That means that it is also doing away with hierarchical positions like “Director” and “CEO.”

The transition to a council-led DAO

Powered by its native token, AMB, AirDAO is an L1 blockchain and ecosystem for web3 decentralised applications (dApps) that was previously led by a management board. Now under new management structure, it has refocused on the needs of its community and is giving them greater control over the company’s future. This revolutionary change is a giant step forward for AirDAO and its quest for true web3 decentralisation.

Choosing a nine-person AirDAO Council is the next step on the organization’s road map. In the coming weeks, this council will take over the management of AirDAO’s multi-signature wallet, financial resources, and operational budget related to the blockchain’s core engineers. Since Ambrosus will be transitioning to AirDAO, the new group will have a chance to start with a blank slate and test out some innovative concepts.

The community will put in place a council to oversee the running of the DAO. The voting will be via on-chain voting, ensuring fairness and transparency. There won’t be a predetermined list of candidates to choose from since the community will propose its own. The council will have the final say over all AirDAO assets and will hold regular meetings to discuss and decide on strategic and operational matters.

During the formation of the DAO’s new council, the in-house AirDAO team will be there to lend a hand and ensure a smooth transition. The current Director of AirDAO, Lang Mei, will oversee the transition to decentralised leadership. On May 31st, 2023, he will step down from his position as CEO/Director, and the democratically chosen board will take over all strategic, human resources, financial, and operational matters.