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Alterscope Launches Data-Led Web3 Market Risk Assessment Solution

Alterscope, a web3 technology firm, has today announced the launch of its risk architecture to help protocol teams and investment firms handle web3’s unpredictability. By enabling extensive Know Your Protocol (KYP) due diligence across several protocols and liquidity pools, Alterscope is equipping investment firms to make well-informed pre- and post-capital allocation decisions.

Tackling market risk through data-driven due diligence

The high degree of interconnectivity in the cryptocurrency industry makes decentralised financial ecosystems vulnerable to systemic shocks that often result in massive, but often avoidable losses. With Alterscope, institutions get a clear view of how many protocols, digital assets, and blockchains are dependent on one another.

By doing so, Alterscope helps protocol teams and investment firms assess risks in real time and gain insight into decentralised protocols. In addition, the company has also built new risk primitives in DeFi. Alterscope says that its approach to risk assessment ensures that decentralised ecosystems no longer have to lag behind TradFi in the analysis of risk exposure. Disruptions in the technical basics have also been induced by the composable tech stack of the decentralised ecosystems and the interconnection of its base components like chains, protocols, and middlewares.

The Alterscope team says the company equips its users all with the resources they need to understand the depth and breadth of their exposure to risk. Additionally, customers can leverage Alterscope to do comprehensive due diligence on protocols, generate individualised risk scores, and keep tabs on time-sensitive protocol events in real time. Alterscope’s long-term goal is to pave the way for widespread use of collective intelligence in the fight against systemic risk in the economy of the future.

The company is driven by its goal of establishing itself as a market leader in giving both decentralised and centralised organisations the confidence they need to steer and interact with decentralised economies.  This will be built on providing real-time risk intelligence for the digital assets space. Alterscope plans to accomplish this by establishing stringent standards to guarantee accurate risk assessment, which will be consolidated into a single location and delivered in real time..